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Proactive health care is somewhat of an afterthought when we think about investing in our future, but why? You could have wealth, love, lavish vacations, a beautiful home etc. but if you are not in good health, can you really enjoy these things to their fullest? You only have one body, it's time to think of it as an investment as well. Whether your goals are to get stronger, lose weight, fight off aging or increase your self confidence, a personal trainer or nutrition coach can help you reach these goals and more!  You are going to pay for your health one way or another.  Will you be proactive or reactive?       

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Personal Trainers offer more than just a list of exercises.  Not only do they possess the knowledge and tools to help you safely progress towards your health and fitness goals, but they also provide accountability, motivation and support.  Their understanding of the musculoskeletal system helps them craft customized workout plans SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU, to avoid injury or accommodate for existing injuries. 


Whether your goal is to walk without a cane, run your first 5k, improve in athletics or win a bodybuilding competition, we can help you get it done! 

Nutrition Coaches provide more than just a list of foods you can eat. Perhaps more important than their deep understanding of the digestive system and food nutrient content is their ability to recognize and correct specific food behaviors that may be getting in your way. They provide accountability, support and positivity as well as various tracking means that can help you stay consistent.


Whether your goal is to fit into that dress again, increase muscle mass, improve self confidence or improve overall health, we will craft a nutrition plan SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU to help you get results!






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Hello, I am Annie Schiller, founder of Elite Animal Fitness and Co-Owner of Beyond Training Gym. I am a NASM certified personal trainer and a Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach. 


My training and coaching philosophy is this: If you want to see change you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.


Too many people go to the gym and repeat the same workouts day in and day out.  They might see change early on in their training but soon enough their performance will plateau and any progress they make will be minimal at best.


The reason for this is that the human body has an incredible ability to adapt to its needs. If you stick to the same routine, using the same weights, speed or duration, your body will adapt to the stress and it will no longer be challenging enough to result in change.  Our custom made workout and nutrition programs are designed to keep you engaged and your body guessing to maximize your results.

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"Annie has helped build my strength and my self-confidence by pushing me toward challenging goals and providing both the direction and the encouragement to meet them. She is focused and fun!"


Barb B.

"As a lifelong athlete I didn't think I would benefit from having a trainer.  I was wrong.  Since training with Annie I have lowered my body fat percentage, toned up immensely, and I have done my first real pull up since 2010"


Leah N.