Free Workout Friday! - Valentine's Day Edition!

Grab a lover, a friend or fly solo for today's free workout Friday!

Warm up with 5-10 minutes of jogging. If you have a partner, complete the below exercises divided amongst the two of you, however you prefer. Go ahead and even put on a Marvin or Luther playlist to catch the V-Day vibes.

If you're flying solo and looking for a mini burn do half of the reps. If you're looking for an elite level burn, do the whole thing!

200 bodyweight squats 150 KB or DB swings 100 push ups 50 weighted lunges

Doesn't sound too bad right??

Here's the catch!! Every 90 seconds STOP and perform 10 high-five sit-ups. Solo artists - just regular sit ups will suffice.

Okay... Now go ahead and have some of that candy heart. You've earned it!

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